Saturday, November 15, 2003


I worked one of the creepiest lunches I can ever remember. It was a simple lunch for about sixty but the room was packed with organs! No, not body parts but very expensive modern organs. Basically they were synthesizers incased with really nice wood and lots of flashing lights. These organ salesmen had a room full of elderly people who basically had one foot in the grave and were pressuring these old folk into buying one of their $50,000 organs, Yes, $50,000 for a bare bones organ! It was the way these guys operated and the way they looked that made it so creepy. Only way I can explain it is if you took Liberace and crossed him with a funeral director and a porn actor. The guys were just as greasy and slimy as they get. The way they were talking to some of these people was just awful! One salesman was being a total  asshole and talking down to this elderly gentleman who keep telling him that he couldn't afford this organ. The salesperson keep telling him, "Oh, don't give me that crap! Now come on, let's do this and get this thing done!" Other salesmen had a different approach, giving back rubs and doing everything but making out with some of these old ladies. I know old ladies need lovin too, but it was like a bad porn movie, acting and all. I actually went home and took a shower after all of this. I've never felt so violated after serving people lunch. Professional help may be required.

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