Wednesday, November 05, 2003


The group we had last night was a Christian youth group. It was a dessert buffet program with very little food to go around for 560 people. They were being charged $12.50 a person wich is a bargain seeing that they got a ton of coffee, hot and iced tea, three desserts per person (people were taking up to 8), and so on. A regular group would have had to pay around $40 a person or more for what they had last night. So with all the people we had working on this function would say I got bent over in the name of Jesus. It's going to suck our tip pool dry. On a lighter side, the people putting on this program were all very plastic and fake. I don't think they knew it but the music they chose for their skits were all about sex, transexuals, and drugs. One group was talking about Ann Coulter saying, Isn't she pretty, isn't she so smart? Isn't she the greatest? I was thinking, "Isn't she a Nazi?" The best part was everyone who didn't get dessert was wondering when more were coming out. Well, for $12.50 a person you don't get $40 worth of desserts per person, go have some tea. I hope their contract is up because I hate to pay people to come to the resort and complain about how little food they have when they don't want to pay for it. Jesus should have been there turning your desserts into a six course meal, your coffee into wine, and your plastic asses into real people.


I have some time to myself all of a sudden and I don't know what to do! One of Josie's sisters came and picked up their mother early today so it's giving me a day by myself, a half a day anyway. This situation with Josie's mom isn't getting any better. In the process of trying to straighten things out I've learned that it's a big tangled mess that is making me ill just trying figure out all of what has happened. Her Medicare is all messed up, her doctor will no longer see her because the sister her mom was living with hasn't taken her to any check ups, she's diabetic, has high blood pressure, and nothing much has been done to treat any of it. This doctor knows she's knocking on deaths door, as do I, but everyone else in their family just kind of walks around it all. LaVerne, the sister her mom had been living with, called yesterday and I let her have it. Seeing she has stolen about $10,000 from her own mother, and is just an irresponsible  piece of shit, I let her know it. I called her a dolt then asked her if she knew what that was. She didn't. I managed to get a few things ironed out but next I have to tackle the Medicare issue and see what has happened. Why is it that out of a Chicano family of 13 brothers and sisters a white guy that most of them don't even like is fixing things for them? I wonder if they even care. That is pathetic and sad, it makes me sick to my stomach.

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