Monday, March 31, 2003


Bet these little boys would love to see daddy come home in a box.

I'm afraid to speak anymore! Doesn't matter what you say either, people don't want you to have a real opinion on anything. People expect black or white on this issue of war. I'm still very torn on where to stand on this whole war situation because it's not black or white. So, as you might expect, I get shit from both sides. Sure we all want Saddam to go bye bye, but where are the weapons of mass destruction? But then again I need to sit back and not be so impatient, we aren't sitting at the drive through at McDonald's, it's a war. Fast food television culture for the brainless. When they are they going to super size this motherfucker?


This might fill you in on how bored I am sitting here on my day off doing laundry! Check out this link for the song School Bus. I
think it's funny, but then again I'm an idiot with too much free time.


Changed the look of the page again, just to see if it looks any better. I'm not sure that it does. Might just go back to the old format. Let me know if you think this page looks o.k. in your opinion!