Monday, March 17, 2003


Well, here we go. Kind of hard to take any side on this whole war with Iraq. On one hand thousands of innocent people will die, on the other hand you have a mad man in control of a country who threatened the world yesterday.

"When the enemy starts a large-scale battle, he must realise that the battle between us will be open wherever there is sky, land and water in the entire world.'' - Saddam Hussein

Remember this is the same guy who gassed Kurds in his own country. This guy is like a four year old with a loaded pistol in his hand, and he's pissed off as well as belligerent. Do you really want this guy around long enough to get a hold of a nuclear weapon of any sort? I know quite a few people here in Tucson that are from Iraq who are excited about getting rid of Saddam so that they can go back home. ALL of them have lost loved ones because of this man. They know the real threat and they can no longer live in their own country. So you can play the tree hugging role and protest the war or you can take the fascist role and hope for a real ass kicking. I see positive and negative results from both sides. So I stand on the sidelines like a spectator, waiting for the game to start. I've got a bag of pop-corn and a pepsi and it's just a matter of when the players run onto the field to start their silly little game.

And the French? Fuck the French! I've yet to find much redeeming anything coming from the French. I know this is going to sound like a redneck speaking, but they could be Germany right now if things had not gone better for them at our expense! Ever seen a Frenchman trying to drink a Corona beer with the lime still wedged in the top of the bottle? I have, and it's funny as hell! The French are only worried about their sale of various items and produce to Iraq. I deal with French tourist on a regular basis, and like I said they have few redeeming qualities. I'll rant more later. Brandon is getting out of school soon and I need to get things going. CHOW!

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