Monday, March 10, 2003


Yesterday was another one of those all day at work days. Talk about an ass kicking! Started off with Tucson's Jewish Federation Brunch (yearly event). Holy fucking mother of Jesus! Now don't take this wrong, because I don't hate Jewish people, but I have never seen such a needy bunch of people in my entire life!!! At one point I had seven women waving their hands at me, all talking over each other and I simply said in a bothered tone of voice, "O.k. I'm only going to deal with you one person at a time (pointing to the lady at the top of the table) starting with you, what is it that you need?" Hey, it worked! Billy took it a step further one table over by saying, "EEEEEE-ZZZZZZ (easy)!!!!!! Everybody just calm down!!" Of course this wasn't a popular response and one old lady took his name down. Funny because he had a "MATT" name tag on. We don't even have a Matt in the department so I guess it won't matter a whole bunch. The highlight of the morning was after we had left the room and they had started their program. Dennis dared me to walk into the room with a glass of iced-tea on a silver platter and act like I was looking for someone in the crowd. You know me, I couldn't resist! So right in the middle of the slide show I'm standing in front of 300+ people with a single glass of iced-tea looking lovely on a silver platter and the majority of their eyes upon me. I have this perplexed look on my face and I'm counting tables as if I've lost the person I was looking for. Then, disgusted I turned and exited. Well, this had everyone rolling as far as staff goes.

The U of A awards banquet that followed was pretty uneventful. My Friend Eric was there and it was nice to see him. Haven't seen him in over two years.

I left after service and was going to meet Charles at "The Cowpony" for Karaoke night. That bar is such a dive! I'm impressed that it gets packed in there like it does on Sunday night, but I wouldn't want to be in there when a fire breaks loose! That place would go up faster than hell! Anyway, Josie even gave me the go ahead to go out and what happens? I took a shower, laid back to rest my back for a minute and BOOM! I fell asleep and woke up around 3:00 a.m. Guess it wasn't in the cards.

Brandon stayed home from school today because he got pink eye from his school teacher. I made us some pop-corn and it's still not quite noon. Going to take it very easy today, give my back a rest. Think I'll go play Half-Life for a while. I'm out!

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