Thursday, March 06, 2003

Wednesday, March 05, 2003 :::

Work was pretty easy today. Spent a lot of time just fucking around. We actually played table top football for about an hour. Remember the game where you take a piece of paper and make it into a triangle (your football) and then flick it back and forth across the table trying to get it to hang off the edge without falling off (a touch down). Yep, the exciting life of working in Banquets.
It was Ash Wednesday today. Stupid me thought it was Ass Wednesday and got myself in a whole lot of trouble. Ashes on your forehead, hmmmm. I guess any type of magic that floats your boat is alright. Glad I live free of sin and have nothing to worry about or I wouldn't just be dabbing a little bit of ashes on my forehead, I'd be dousing myself with the stuff and chasing it with a holy water enema. It's good to be clean inside and out you know.
While I'm on the subject, I turned on Trinity Broadcasting Network just for some kicks today and this extremely white Christian lady, who by most practical standards looked pretty pasty and vacant, was talking about how God/Jesus was just crazy in love with me. Exact words, I'm not making this part up. She went on about how God was ultimate love and regurgitated the standard spew you hear frequenting the lips of the chosen. Now is it just me or do these people not read the whole fucking bible? I grew up steeped in Christianity, and remember as a kid thinking, "Fuck, God's a real bastard!" Examples? Do I need to list them? Alright then for those who don't remember:
Genesis 19:8 Lot decides it's best to cast his two virgin daughters to a lusty if not slightly randy and horny crowd. Remember the angels that showed up? Guess they were a couple of lookers because a whole mob shows up looking to get some and Lot figures it's better he let them rape his daughters than these angels who happened to show up. Then death and destruction, you know the story.
There's tons of stuff like that in that crazy book, and I'm not going to take the time to list them all so go and read your bible and figure it out for yourself. So what's my point? My point is that "God" is a nasty bastard who kills thousands of innocent women, children, and men for his own random reasons, threatens you to get on your knees and cower like a frightened animal OR ELSE!! The God of the bible only loves himself. Where do you think anyone of us little fuck ups could ever fit into his grand little plan? No reason to fix any problems he's created, just set them on fire and throw them away. It's all so very logical. End of rant! (this is a re-post from yesterday)

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