Sunday, March 23, 2003


O.k. I learned my lesson! This was day three of the Atkins diet, and you know what? That's enough of that shit! I spent last night and all day today shitting my brains out!!! The fact that I spent yesterday and today with a major headache on top of all that I would rather be fat than sick on a stupid diet like that. And all I could think for the past three days when eating was, "ICK! I like meat, but not this much." So tonight I drank a pepsi and ordered a pizza and I feel normal again. Going to just cut out eating all that good food at work all of the time, and cut down on all the shit I eat. Popcorn only once a week.


Those nice folks over in Iraq decided to take some of our guys as prisoners then execute them and show their dead bodies on t.v.

If the USA did this there would be such an outcry from the whole world. And it looks like there has been a chemical weapons factory found in Iraq this evening. I pulled down my pants at one point today and there was a penis there! How did that thing get there? Look at Iraq people! And you think Saddam wasn't going to try and build nuclear weapons next? Give me a break, and quit all the tree hugging love your neighbor bullshit! This is the real world people. Sure, oil has a lot to do with this as well, but the fact is that that Saddam had every chance in the world to come clean, and didn't. He never would have! So the U.N. could have gone on with this dance for ever. Meanwhile, Saddam builds a nuclear bomb and then starts threatening us just like North Korea is doing. Then you have twice the problem.

No, I don't enjoy the fact that people on both sides are dying! The U.N. needed to show that they have some balls, and France, Germany, and Russia should have stepped up to the plate. But they didn't did they? And now it looks like someone in Russia has been selling Iraq arms, even up to last week. Very nice. And my gut feeling, and I hope I'm wrong on this, is that there is going to be a nasty blowout near Baghdad with chemical or biological weapons, and maybe even nuclear. This isn't going to be pretty, and you can thank Jesus, Allah, and oil.

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