Wednesday, March 26, 2003


When did McDonald's join the war?

Damn, I know fast food is bad for you, but did we really ship shit loads of free McDonald's to the Iraqi army in hopes that their arteries would clog up and they would all just up and die of a mass heart attack? I think we did, and these people are fighting mad about it!!


Now for the lighter side of war. Here is a picture of some happy Iraqi people being liberated by the fun loving American Armed Forces:

Did you see the joy on their faces, the feeling of freedom we're bestowing upon them? I feel the love! This whole thing is going to be long and drawn out, it is a war. This isn't the fast food version of Vietnam. So buckle up kids, it's not going to be pretty. In fact, take a look at this:

I saw this picture two days ago of a little Iraqi girl who had been blown up by one of our missiles. I sent it to quite a few people that had sent me e-mail tainted with patriotic Christian mumbo jumbo. The subject was, "This could be your child!" So if your all excited about this war, and feel your God has his hand in it, and that he's on our side then your probably right. The God of the bible does these kinds of things to children. He's a sick motherfucker who loves pain and tragedy. Fuck your God!

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