Friday, March 14, 2003


O.K. I just woke up. It's my day off, and the kids have the day off from school so I got to sleep in late this morning. The bizarre dream I was having woke me up. I'll try to convey it in words but it's going to be hard:


The dream starts off up in Cottonwood at The Westin La Paloma Resort. I'm standing in the door way that leads to the pantry and then walk in. The room is very dark! One of the banquet captains tells me I need to look for Arte Johnson (from the t.v. show "Laugh-in") and make sure he gets special treatment. I start looking around and notice that there are a ton of big stars there. Can't remember exactly which ones were there though. I start walking towards the Cottonwood Deck when a group of about twenty dwarfs from the movies walk in (via the Cottonwood Deck area). It's Billy Barty (Dr. Shrinker, Wizard Of Oz) and his entourage! He and this other little guy ask me in a jovial manner who looked older. I smiled and replied that they both looked good for their age. Walking in with them was Kathy W. (fellow server) who looked very ill and was very red in color. They walk by and I notice Bill M. (fellow server) is talking to Anna Chlumsky from the movie "My Girl." She is wearing a pentacle necklace and notices that Bill has a pentacle ring (he does in real life, he's Wiccan) and she gives him this elabrate penticle necklace. I don't think I had my pentacle ring on but she knows some how and walks over and gives me a plain looking silver necklace. The dream shifts gears at this point. I am in a different location, much like Trail Dust Town at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse here in Tucson. It's a bit more like Mexico though. I'm working a party by myself and Susan H. is the banquet captain. The party is being headed by a person I once worked with at Ventana Canyon Resort. It's Jo the maid! She is being very vague about when the food is being taken out but she doesn't want it out quite yet. I wonder around out in the street for quite some time. Jo comes out wondering what is taking so long. I reassure her that I'm taking the food out right now. The presentation of the food is horrible, but they don't notice because they don't know any better. The plate consists of some kind of char broiled spice rubbed steak with rice and beans. All of a sudden I'm at home (a nonexistent home) and my brother Jeff shows up, he is in a tux and has been drinking. He is taking his cloths off, he had been wearing a condom just in case he got lucky. Lot's of random dream stuff happens that I don't quite recall, but I end up in a booth at a food court somewhere with some people. I'm talking to this black girl and end up asking her out on a date, as friends. She says yes then I had to go back to work so I woke myself up. I knew I was dreaming all of a sudden and didn't want to be at work.

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