Friday, March 28, 2003


Not sure what is going on but I got a call at work tonight from Josie. She was crying and said that her mom had a stroke. Got off of work early (four hours later) and went to the Emergency Room. Some of Josie's family was there but nobody knew what was going on. I don't think it was because nobody told them anything, but more like that they just have no clue what is going on at any given time. They are a huge family of 13 kids that grew up in poverty, none of them have an education, and they are still a bit dysfunctional. Miranda wanted to stay there with Josie so she could hang with her cousin, Brandon said his legs were tired. I took Brandon home with me and we made some popcorn. He fell asleep pretty fast.


Brandon started a line of questioning about dinosaurs on the way home that lasted over a half hour or so. I finally had to cut him off and say enough was enough. He gets caught up in these hypothetical "WHAT IF???" scenarios. "What if a teradactyl attacked us in the car, what would we do?" "What if a teradactyl was flying and someone in a helicopter hit it?" "What if a dinosaur was at the zoo?" He also does the "HOW COME?" questions. "How come a dinosaur is bigger than a car?" It had to be stopped!


I need to go to bed soon because I work in about four hours. Josie and Miranda are still at the hospital and I'm afraid that if I go to sleep they will wake me up when they get home. I'd never get back to sleep then. Insomnia, you've got to love it.