Thursday, March 13, 2003


Added a little more on to this post just a bit ago. So go check that out if you have already been here today, if not then:


O.k. first thing you have to do is check out this link for a good laugh! Splish Splash Baby Made me laugh pretty hard, but then again you know how much I love potty humor!


Brandon gave me an earful again this morning with questions about what makes certain cartoon carictors tick. Of course there was the whole Peter Parker Spider Man banter, but Batman came into play today, reasons why he doesn't fly, questions about why Superman can fly. "Do you think it's possible that..." "How come..." Blah, blah, blah. A couple of nights ago he started a dialog about Wonder Woman. He just couldn't understand why Wonder Woman is a superhero. Hey, it's the big tits! I would have to side with him though, an invisible jet and a golden lasso that makes you tell the truth just doesn't cut it in my superhero book either. You realize that The Hulk movie is due out soon and this is going to open up a whole new line of questioning. Oh the mind of a five year old!


Not quite sure what to make of the news this morning. I get the feeling that the fascist right is taking over and it won't be long before they start doing what a white supremacist once said on Donahue years ago.

"First thing we're going to do is burn all the faggits, witches,
and race mixers" - Ignorant White Supremacist

Well, that basically includes me in one if not two of the categories. I'm not gay, and I'm really not a witch but I could be considered pagan by some. I nailed the race mixing thing years ago. But hey, my kids really are beautiful and I think the whole mixing of white and chicano genes worked out quite well. So what am I getting at? Well, I really don't think they are going to start burning people, but all this pro God stuff in the media has me a bit upset. I see this as moving us backward, not forward. One example are the people on t.v. like Elisabeth Smart's dad saying he believes it's his prayers that brought his daughter back to him and that God was responsible for her now being home. Now wait a minute! Where was God when she was being taken out of her house early in the morning at gunpoint? Where was God when David Westerfield was raping and murdering Danielle Van Dam? Where is god while millions of children die from starvation and malnutrition each year? Why do we only thank God for the positive and not the negative? Why do people go on preaching that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, total love, ect. and yet allows evil people or even the devil for that matter to go on doing these evils? Here in Arizona, if your with someone who robs a store and that someone shoots and kills someone, your just as guilty and to blame if you do nothing about it. I know this firsthand because my friend's (shall remain nameless) stepson was with a guy when he decided to kill three people a few years back. He did nothing and is now on death row because of this. So if God is present when all of these things happen and is doing nothing about it then maybe we should hold him accountable. Or should we just turn a blind eye every time there is a crime committed and plead that it's God's will and a part of his master plan? The people that use this kind of reasoning are weak in my opinion.

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