Thursday, March 13, 2003


Is it any wonder I don't believe in God? Is it any wonder that people are fricking retards? Ashoura Day. Glad Imam Hussein didn't shove a two liter coke bottle up his ass! Maybe Christians could take this approach to worshiping Jesus at Easter! Nah, I love chocolate too much to mess with Easter. Glad Jesus died for the love of chocolate.


O.k. some of you people, just stop it!!! I'm surfing the blog wave and I'm coming across a common theme here, "Can you believe how incredibly smart I am?" Come on people, get over yourselves!!! Sure, some of you are right there typing away, dictionary and thesaurus at hand, but the narcissistic approach to writing your blog is making me ill. Why do you think someone like me who is on the left hand path refrains from joining any organization? Mostly because I refuse to be a narcissist! So get over yourselves and write something interesting! I dare you!!!

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