Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Early in the a.m. and yes I have to work tomorrow. Just one shift so I will be home early! Yay! Was in a pissy mood today so I stayed in here (computer room) most of the day. Talked to Lisa B. and Aunt Pat today via instant message. They both seem to be doing good. No one was around to play Half-Life today so I did a whole lot of nothing. Back does feel better though. Well, I am actually tired for a change so I'm going to bed! Hope I won't be sitting here in the next couple of hours. Hope Josie let's me sleep.

OH YEAH!! I had a dream about Shelia Hughes last night. She was still in her teens and we were just hanging out. Weird. Guess that huge crush I had on her in High School still lingers somewhat. I can't even think of anything to write. I'm beat! Should stay and fix the time on this blog, it's an hour off. It's already tomorrow but it shows yesterday. Isn't that weird? Goodnight!

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