Friday, October 31, 2003


Ever say something you didn't find all that funny but everybody else just starts rolling? We were in the back area at work two nights ago and the radio was on. BAD TO THE BONE by George Thorogood came on and I just kind of started singing, ad lib of course, but changing the words around to I'VE GOT MADGE ON THE PHONE, singing about how:

I had just dialed up
and asked are you alone?
Will it be your visa?
I had Madge on the phone
Madge on the phone

Kind of one of those 1-900-hot-sexx numbers I guess. It got a big laugh. I was just being silly off the top of my head but everybody accused me of thinking this up ahead of time. Sure, like I knew they were going to play that song. James told me he'll never be able to listen to that song ever again without thinking about Madge being on the phone. I really do need to get back into doing stand up.


Josie's mom moved in and so far so good. Her sister gave back her medical cards and some other important stuff after I threatened to bring over the police. Her mother is kind of scared of me I think because she has mostly stayed in the bedroom other than taking a shower. I'm sure that will go away before long. Were going to hook her up with her own bed and t.v. in here as soon as we get things squared away. She was being treated pretty poorly at her sisters house. I don't think she wants to go back but I wouldn't be surprised if she did anyway. Let's just call it an educated guess.


Added JozJozJoz to the blog roll. It's on the right side of the page. Been reading it for quite some time but never got around to putting it up. Take a gander at her lovely blog page. I also have BuzzNet photos on the right hand side. Will be adding more soon. It's funny, those pictures spark interest. One person thinks I'm pretty fucked up, the other called me a fag. I've got one of them on the IM right now. Here is what has to say:

shyven1666: Who is this, do I know you or are you just a troll who likes to fuck with people on the internet?
Chelsee69: do you believe in god?
shyven1666: no
Chelsee69: well your gay then .
shyven1666: cool, then you agree with what your dad was saying as he sucked my dick last night.

I guess didn't have a good comback. Do me a favor and send lots of e-mail or IMs to this person for being such a dick.

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