Sunday, October 12, 2003


Going with Dennis to go see KILL BILL part one tomorrow. I can't wait! I love Pulp Fiction and it's just about one of the coolest movies ever made so I'm pretty excited about this movie. Plus it looks like they didn't skimp on the hot Asian chicks so that's a plus! We are going to sneak in to the new Jack Black movie after that. If I'm lucky I will get to see almost all of it before I have to pick up the kids from school.


Keeping in step with the pace set by disasters and so forth my microwave oven decided to die on me after a good fifteen years worth of service. I think I killed it by heating up so much water in it to do the dishes this past three weeks when we had no gas. It's display had burnt out right before the gas line gave up so that was a sign that my microwave was on it's way to meet with Jesus in heaven. So we went and got a new one at Best Buy today. While at Best Buy I hear someone ask, "Is that Joe Oxford?" It was Dan C. who used to work with me in room service at the Ventana Canyon Resort here in Tucson. I haven't seen this guy in twelve years! And what was the next question he asked? Well hold the fuck up because I'm going to tell you, okay? He asks, "So, did you have to get your gas line fixed?" I told him he was freaking me out, how in the hell could he have know this? He works for the gas company and he saw the estimate for my gas line out where he works. What are the odds? Weird, but on par for my life. So back to the microwave oven, this one fits on the counter and is now on a different circuit as far as electricity goes. This will save me from having to reset the breaker when you run the microwave and the washing machine at the same time. Never fails, I will be heating something up and Josie will turn the washing machine on and it trips the breaker. Hope that doesn't happen anymore. So the new water line got put in yesterday, replacing the old rusting metal pipe with PVC pipe. The new gas and water pipes should outlive me so I've got that going for me. The trench is filled back up with dirt and the back yard almost looks normal again. Total parts and labor for both ran me about $500 and that's pretty damn cheap! Killed some of the grass where the dirt was piled, but it will grow back next year. I hope my life is on it's way back to normal.


I have a good chance of winning the football pool again this week. Doesn't matter who wins tomorrow just as long as the total points from the game equal 43 or more. This will make me a two time winner this year already and the pool is $54 this week. I could use the money, trust me. Someone at work was bragging about how he knew he was going to win the pool this week, silly Christian. San Fran lost but the other team didn't cover the points so that goes to prove that god likes me best! I need lot's of points tomorrow night, score big damn it, score big!!!

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