Sunday, October 05, 2003


Holy fuck! What did I do today between shifts? Instead of going home I got to watch this movie at an undisclosed location. Jesus talk about weird as hell! This wasn't even a B movie, but more in the realm of C movie. It was very disturbing to boot, full of S & M, nudity, blood, bad acting, and cannibalism. I have to admit I laughed out loud a couple of times, but I also had to look away when the doctor took a power drill to some pretty girls head then put a straw in her head and started sucking the fluid from her skull. Oh, did I mention he pulled out all of her teeth first because he wanted a blow job but he didn't what her to bite him? He got his anyway when he wandered into a cage full of naked female cannibals. The dart board drawn on some girls butt was a little over the top as well. Yes, they played darts! Anyway, I don't recommend any of you ever watch this movie, especially if you've dropped acid. I'm an odd person, and I like weird movies but this was just beyond the beyond in my book. What kind of sick bastard decides he's going to make a movie like this anyway?


We were running around a couple of nights ago so we decided to grab a burger on the way home because it was late. We decided to go to WHATABURGER, it's right near where we live and I didn't want to eat McDonalds. So we get to the drive-thru and order, pull up behind the vehicle in front of us and then we sat there for about a half an hour. I have no idea what was going on but there were more than six cars behind us at one point. The lady behind us talked the other cars into backing up so that she could get out. We backed out too and took off. So I'm sorry for ordering and running off but damn people send someone outside to explain what is going on next time. Oh, we went to McDonalds by the way. Big Mac...

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