Tuesday, October 21, 2003


I just got home after working a twelve hour shift at work. It was an ass kicker to boot! We have STARBUCKS Corp. at the resort and I stayed on to help in between shifts today to work a coffee and tea display. The person that was supposed to work with me cried like a bitch so I told her to take off and I would find someone else to help me. After the fact I found out that she had no clue what she had been doing, provided me with a ton of wrong information, and I had to redo and undo a lot of things that had been started. When I found someone who said he would help, he then started crying like a little bitch and he just up and left me to work three rooms worth of coffee and tea displays by myself. I ran my ass off for two hours straight. Then after the function was over the guy in charge told me I could have a bunch of free coffee but I didn't even have time to take any of it. I get to my next function and am told that I have to work a triple shift tomorrow, starting at 5:00 a.m. and basically told I had no say in the matter. I went and had a talk with my boss, and he agreed that not everyone can just up and rewrite their life in less than twelve hours. I was going to work the shift anyway but I found someone who wanted to work it for me so that was one hell of a lucky break for me. There are quite a few people that have had enough of this kind of stuff at work and are ready to quit. If I could find a job that pays as well as mine does I too would be ready to go elsewhere but I think I'm pretty much stuck doing what I do for now. Oh, I had the owners of MARS candy at one of my tables a few nights ago, or so I'm told. I'm tired and rambling, I'm sorry. I have two more long days this week to go. I did have a ton of STARBUCKS products to drink today, all very good. I'm still rambling. Oh, Miranda got her report card today and made honor roll again. Very proud!!! Brandon is doing well in school as well. I'm lucky to have kids who are bright and don't cause trouble. I'll shut up and try to go to bed now. Did I mention the fact that STARBUCKS has a lot of very pretty women working for them on a corporate level? It's true! Okay, I'll stop now.

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