Thursday, October 02, 2003


Halloween is on it's way, and if you know me then you know this is the most sacred day out of any day during the year for me. Why, just because I love everything about it! Think of it all, the horror, movies, candy, costumes, pranks, and the occasional kick to the groin. All of these things make it a special day for me! I can't wait, I really do love Halloween!!


I saw on another page where they were doing a top 5 Halloween list. Can be anything top five dealing with Halloween, I personally posted my top five scariest moments of my life. Feel free to leave your top 5 Halloween whatever and I'll post the winner on Halloween day. I will also keep pointing  back to this post and reminding everyone about it. Let's make it interesting!


The gas line is bad, has to be replaced and the water pipe is bad too so I might as well have that replace as well and out of the way at the same time to avoid ever doing that again. The price? $780 for both. Luis and I dug the trench yesterday, Luis doing the bulk of it all. That guy is a machine! I just can't take the sun once it gets close to one hundred degrees outside. So I was toast by two in the afternoon and Luis kept on for about another hour. Then again I started before he got there but it was cool outside and still didn't work as fast as he did. Only problem is if the inside leaks during a pressure test then we have to have inside repaired as well and I won't be able to have the work done because I'm literally out of money at that point. Christ, what a lovely year this is turning out to be. It could be worse though, I could be a gay Haitian hemophiliac with a drug problem, aids, and an albino sister with Turrets Syndrome. It's my light and fluffy sense of humor that keeps my candy coated ass from going insane at times like this. At least I've been sleeping well. Can you imagine the insomnia hitting me hard right now, I would losing it for sure.


The band RUSH? No. Rush Limbaugh in trouble? I hope so. I hate that asshole. I remember him saying right after the whole 9/11 thing that he was appalled  by how many American women found Osama Bin Laden attractive. What ever. I have nothing else to say about that idiot.

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