Saturday, October 25, 2003


People have asked so I thought I would post what I looked like. These are in no way flattering I will say that much. The first picture is me on a cater out function and everyone working got to dress up for a group picture. Can't find the original full picture but it depicts all of us at a whore house in the 1800's. The middle picture is me at the KON TIKI drinking Mexican beer with friends, lost the full picture of this one as well. The picture on the left is taken at the resort where I work. There you have it, me in all my splendor


A regular reader had a dream about me a few nights ago. She's never met me but had a dream so I just had to post this:


I dreamt that you and I were hanging out having a slumber party, which was pretty good except when all your pals from the methadone clinic showed up. Even though they were loud, and pretty stinky, they brought pot brownies. We ate all the brownies and you showed me all of your tattoos, including a breathtaking image of Insane Clown Posse that covered your entire back. Although I haven't the slightest idea what you look like, in my dream you were pretty dreamy.

Now is that funny or what? I have been dreaming quite a bit but nothing weird enough to remember.


Went to my nieces quinceanera last night. I was bored stiff because I don't dig Tejano music all that much, but the band was really good. There is a bar that has a big Karaoke night just around the corner but they were having a pool tournament so I went back to the dance hall. Lot's of drunk people, lot's of good Mexican food, lot's of new impressions of the in-laws! Josie's brothers Frank and Martin were beyond fucked up. Martin would stand up, hold his beer up and out like an Olympic torch, and just stand there. I guess it was some form of libation. He would also dance very stiffly at times, barely moving. Funny as hell. On the other hand, Frank was just stumbling drunk. We just got a phone call just this second about Frank! Sounds like he had a heart attack! Weird, got to go...

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