Saturday, October 04, 2003


After seeing the M.C. at the local comedy club perform I'm really thinking about approaching stand up comedy again. This guy was beyond pathetic! I was never this bad even on my worse night. Sure, A.D.D. is funny for a little while but it's not funny for over a half an hour. I went with Dennis and his parents and a few other friends came along as well. As we were leaving the club Dennis's mother remarks how horrible the M.C. was. Me, being unfiltered and having no common sense said, "Yeah, I could have stood up there and mocked my own genitalia for a good half hour and got more of a response from the audience." His mother actually laughed at this as did everyone within earshot. I have a tendency to talk way too much. It was nice to finally meet his parents though. His mom is pretty zany and his dad doesn't say much, he just sits there with his devilish grin. I got to relive a few family stories that Dennis has told a dozen times, only this time his mother told them. There is a sitcom waiting to be hatched on the life and times of Dennis and his family.


Brandon got accepted to a Magnet school yesterday. We had to wait two years but he got in. The education is more focused at these public schools. He will also get bussing to and from school, so now I don't have to drive him or Miranda to school anymore! It was kind of sad though because he had to tell his current schoolmates goodbye yesterday. The teacher also commented on how smart and well behaved he was which made me even more proud of him. I wish the well behaved portion of Brandon was present at home today because he's playing the part of Mordred and it's pissing me off!


M.C. Hammer, failed pop star, now makes his money as a mouthpiece for god. I WAS a Christian for a good 25 years, and listening to him repeat the same old spiel that I've heard a hundred times before seemed pretty comical. No, maybe not comical but redundant. Even if I were a believer I don't think I could take spiritual advice from the same guy who penned "Can't Touch This" as well as a remake of "The Adams Family" theme song and then went bankrupt because he spent all his money foolishly on a huge entourage of people and a very lavish home. One of the guys from Run D.M.C. is a "reverend" as well. There is a place here in Tucson that will ordain me as a priest of my own religion. I'm seriously thinking about doing it just for the hell of it. Rev. Joe or Father Joe would look good on my name tag for work. I want to pontificate for a while, I want to speak gods loud funny words!

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