Wednesday, October 08, 2003


The gas line is getting fixed tomorrow. A guy who just retired from the gas company is going to do the job and he isn't bending me over in the process. A hot shower, ah.... I can almost feel it!


I was telling people the story how this guy from the gas company called me out of the blue and offered to fix my line without charging an arm and a leg. One of the Christian ladies at work hears this and pulls me aside, knowing good and well that I'm basically an atheist. She told me this is one of those "god things." I said, "Oh how nice, god smiles on me and I get a new gas line put in for cheap while some poor kid in a third world country starves to death." She replies, "Well, sometimes it's better if they die." What in the hell goes on in peoples minds? I'm damned to hell for eternity because I refuse to grovel but she get's candy and cake for eternity and is able to say that it's better that starving kids die. I guess in gods world a white guys gas line takes priority over starving kids. Nice...

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