Thursday, October 23, 2003


Josie had a breakdown at work today. She was all emotional and probably overreacted. I thought about this and figured it was a good thing in the long run. She is due for one of these fits and it's usually aimed at me but it wasn't today so I scored. I should be more sympathetic but I look at it as dodging a bullet. Work for the most part is a shit hole as far as the atmosphere goes. Everyone is unhappy with all the extra work being force on them and the attitude of management. Life goes on. I'm too tired to care at this point. Tomorrow is going to be another long day and I will just have to cope. One thing weird did happen at work today during lunch. There was a very attractive blond lady in my section and she kept staring at me, and would even smile now and again. This threw me for a loop, I have no idea what she was staring at. The zipper was up and I didn't have a kick me sign on so what gives? I'm too tired to think at this point, I need to go to sleep now.

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