Monday, October 20, 2003


Anyone watching this series or seen it in the past? Very cool! Think I'm going to have to buy it on DVD. I've seen all of it except the first hour or so, mist it all four times it has been played. What's your opinion on abductions? I really do think something is going on, call me crazy but it's my gut feeling.


What are some of your favorite blogs? I'm curious because I'm always looking for funny and interesting blogs. Please drop some links in the comments section.


Dennis is pretty funny most of the time, and he was pretty funny at work the other day handing out little packets of ointment to people and telling them to meet him in the bathroom in twenty minutes. Then he did it to a guy who had been sexually molested when he was young and he didn't find it very funny. You would think a person could pick up on it but Dennis either didn't know or wasn't getting the cue or both. Anyway, I pulled him aside and told him he had better stop before he got taken to human resources. Didn't stop. So I worked with the guy in question yesterday and he mentioned that my buddy Dennis was close to getting fired. I called Dennis and it had already sunk in and he felt bad about it. This is good because it was close.

That whole day was messed up, Saturday being that day. One of the most fucked up days I can remember. There is a new supervisor at work who has no clue what he is doing in his department. I would say he was responsible for about 50 percent of the mess we had to work with on Saturday. I'm going to be talking to some higher up people about this one. This guy needs to be stopped now before it becomes habit forming.

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