Friday, January 30, 2004


I'm tired, but just got home from work and can't sleep and it's just past midnight. What do you do in such a predicament? Well, you make a giant mug of iced tea and play a game of Wrecking Ball! How do you play you might ask? Well hold your fucking horses and I'll tell you. What you do is find a chat room on IRC, something like #bible or #lesbian_love. Next you go in and be quiet for a good long while and observe things, or if people start talking to you then just chime right in and chat back, but be polite and let them think your in there to chat with them about the chosen topic or theme of the channel. Next, you start to deviate slightly by saying loony things that just don't quite jive with the conversation. Here is a sample of what I'm doing right now in a channel called #Christian_chat:

Falchion: the #christian channel, why is it in that state?
chalcedny: what about it?
Shyven: Iowa?
chalcedny: it's an evangelism channel
chalcedny: non-christians are welcomed
Shyven: Oh evangelism, it makes great things good
Shyven: I like Robert Tilton, he is the epitome of evangelism
Falchion: the bot boots you after apparently idling for an hr
Falchion: no one talks, and generally no ops around for abusive people :/
Shyven: what if your Billy Idol
Shyven: that's a life time of being booted
Falchion: ...?
Shyven: or Eric Idle of Monty Python
Shyven: both constantly being booted in there
Shyven: an eternity of being booted....

That's kind of the gist of the whole thing. Hard to play and type this all at the same
time. I'm also chatting with friends so I'm multitasking.


Miranda got an award for being Student of the quarter! This is the second time she has done this! She got it last year too. So she get's to pick where she wants to eat for dinner. Looks like we are going to the Olive Garden.


Tomorrow is going to be backlash day at work. I went and told people what the wretched ones did. Everyone thinks that they over did it by claiming harassment. I just wanted to let people know that they are hypocrites. So people know, it will get back to the Gorgon , and it will try and bite back! Games on! Hold on to your panties!

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