Saturday, January 10, 2004


O.k. you all know who Fran Drescher is right? The Nanny, Old Navy, the girl in the movie The Hollywood Knights. Well, today I was working a function that was for the Women In Government group. I had the head table on the stage in addition to my section on the floor and it was an easy lunch. This one lady at the head table looked a lot like Fran Drescher. So I'm thinking to my self that she could pass for her sister, but she isn't as hot as Fran is. Things are moving along and the speaker for the group gets up and they are talking about HMOs and medical stuff then she announces the special guest for the day, Fran Drescher. I guess the lack of makeup and tight fitting cloths threw me for a loop. She was there to talk about cancer of the female type. She had some form of cervical cancer and beat it. So anyway, Fran goes on my list of famous people I've served. Oh, Fran doesn't like making eye contact.


At work tonight I got a call on the cell phone. I see it's my home phone number so I pick it up and say something stupid that I picked up from one of those GI JOE cartoons I linked to a few days back on this blog. Anyway, it's Brandon on the phone. Everyone was outside and he was inside the house by himself and decided he was going to call me. So he found the cell phone number and called to see how and what I was doing. I felt bad for being at work, Brandon missed his daddy and just wanted to talk. Without being a total sissy I do have to say this really touched me. So I have to do something special for him not only because of this, but because he got a great report card. Miranda got a great one as well. She averaged all A's for the first semester. I'm really proud of my kids! I have to do something special for the both of them.


I'm living at work until Wednesday so I haven't been home to write here the past couple of days. I'll be around and will try to post something. Oh, and Jett, Miranda told me you chatted with her on the IM tonight. Funny! I must have added you to my buddy list at some point but I don't ever remember seeing you on. I think she thought you were Erin from Sheets and Blankets. If anyone ever wants to chat my IM on aol is Shyven1666 and on MSN it's and on Yahoo it's Shyven or Don't IM me unless you really want to talk because I'm pretty chatty on the instant messenger.

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