Thursday, January 22, 2004


A funny thing happened at work today when I walked in. As I walked by a table of my peers, a friend of mine says, "What's up Shop!" I was confused but kept on walking. I needed something to drink so I went and got an Iced Tea. Well, it was almost time for our pre-service meeting and everyone took off but I needed to kill my thirst so I stayed behind. Another friend walks in and says, "Yo, what's up Shop?" So I asked what was up with this shop thing. Big Red just smiled and said, "Whatever dude!" He takes off and I run to catch up with him. I say, "No, really, what is up with this shop thing?" He just started laughing and said to quit fucking with him. So obviously we were both confused at this point. So I forced him to tell me what the hell he was talking about. This is what happened, Big Red and Shambam were playing Half-Life online and someone going by the name of SHOP bopped into the room they were playing in and started a conversation. This person knew Big Red, his wife and kids and other personal stuff. I'm basically the only other person that plays this game with them that knows anything about them so they thought it was me. Well, it wasn't! I haven't even played this game in months, and neither had Big Red until today. So this person got personal with both he and Shambam and said some degrading things to them. They both thought I was fucking with them. It took everything in my might to get Sham to believe me, and he finally did. Anyway, it was very awkward situation. And don't get me wrong, I love a good mind fucking! But I wouldn't bring a persons kids and wife into something like this just for my own amusement. I really would love to know who it was.


The football player Warren Moon spoke tonight for the group in house. I didn't listen to any of the speech because I was busy doing mundane tasks and shooting the shit with the other guys. I did stand next to him for a bit and he smiled and said hi. I know nothing about sports so I didn't even try to start a conversation with him. I'll give him major props for being one of the first African-American quarterbacks. Oh, tangent time! Speaking of African-American, a friend of mine at work told me tonight that he had a child with a girl from Alabama who is African-American but is just now getting around to telling people about it. Has nothing to do with her, it's just the rumor mill at work and how they like to tear people apart. Cute kid! I told him he is now an official member of the race mixers club. I'll tell you something about us race mixers, we produce some of the coolest and best looking kids you will ever meet!


Sorry about the comment box not working. I was using BlogOut, or also known as ShoutOut. What a piece of shit! I know, it's free and I basically can't bitch about something that is free, but it's always in a state of ruin and it's just not reliable. So I changed the comment box to HaloScan. Anyway, leave me a comment even if just to say hi so I can tell it's working. I also added four new people to the blogroll. Frozen Ice Queen, Enigmatic Musings, Deep Thinks, and Cindyisms.

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