Sunday, January 04, 2004


Last nights wedding was a bit odd. They had a shot of vodka for everyone as they came in the room, a first. They all drank a lot. There was a lady in my section who was just blitzed. It's funny watching really drunk people try to eat. She was trying to eat a piece of wedding cake and she was either really enjoying it or she was pretending to. Regardless, it was fairly comical because she looked like she was caught somewhere between stubbing her toe and an orgasm. Watching her on the dance floor was also comical, you can tell someone grew up in the late 60's early 70's by the way they dance. I don't think dancing under the influence always a good idea. There is something unholy about an intoxicated 60 year old woman shaking her groove-thing to the Rolling Stones. An extremely bizarre moment was when this really nerdy looking young teen age girl was trying to dance with this older 40 something gentleman. She was very klutzy and he was trying to help her dance and not look like an idiot. He would spin her around and she would almost fall over and start dragging him down in the process. This is where it got odd, because he would try to recover from one of her little maneuvers he would end up groping her. I think some of it was on purpose. Then I had to learn a lesson about eating in the cafeteria at work. I say it all of the time, I'm not going to eat the food in there! But then I do and I regret it later. Seven hours later I was sicker than a dog. I have basically been off for two weeks, and felt fine, but the second I go to work and eat the food in the cafeteria my intestinal tract becomes possessed by the devil. I'll spare you the details, they are interesting but unnecessary. Anyway, that last hour was difficult but I made it through. I got home at 1:30 a.m. and then watched the uncensored version of American Wedding. I was laughing harder than hell. I'm a sucker for potty humor. The bachelor party scene was just beyond funny. Anyway, I got to get ready to go back to work now, going to be anther long night! I swear I'm not eating at work tonight!!

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