Friday, January 02, 2004


Anyone seen the parody cartoons of the old G.I. Joe cartoons that Eric Fenlser did? God, I watched these over and over until I almost pissed my pants. You can find a few of them here at Heavengallery which is the official page. The most I found in one page was RIGHT HERE. You can find more of the same, and a few others HERE from the eBaum's World funny media page. Book mark that one because it's loaded with funny stuff. I also found more in this directory on the internet. The #2 .avi in that directory is the Pork Chop Sandwiches clip. There's a file of that clip on one of these sites that you actually have to have a divx player to see it, but this one works fine in Winamp or Windows media. Yet MORE of these at Rip-o-Lot. I found a hard to get one AT THIS place. It's the House Fire clip. After you have watched them and want to know what the clips were originally about you can click THIS PAGE for an explanation of each cartoon. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I did, and if you enjoy them as much as I did let me know. I'm serious, I would love to know what you thought of these clips. I am actually making a song based on The Computer clip, it's not as good as the one you find on Fenlser's page, but it's turning out pretty good. My favorites are Pork Chop Sandwiches, I'm A Computer, The Reggae Bus Ride Song, and The Frozen Ice. I'm a strange cat though and this is what tickles my funny bone. Well, I did a lot of homework for someone out there because a lot of people are looking for these clips of GI Joe by Eric Fenlser and I did better than most, finding about 14 out of the 25 he originally made. I even have the Gay Sailboat clip! Enjoy, I'll update if I find any more, unless you know where I can find the rest, please E-mail me if you do. Check back here often!!!!


Happy new year to all of those who read this page on a regular basis, and to those of you who are coming here for your first time! I tried to post yesterday but between Blogger acting weird, and my computer crashing I kept loosing my post. I lost it three times! The third time I just said fuck it! What was wrong you might ask? Well as far as my computer goes someone installed Gator on it and it kept crashing on me. Well, I have spybot search and destroy and it took care of that damn gator!


Something I did install that I like is the new version of WINAMP. It's pretty sharp! I've been watching internet t.v. and listening to internet radio on it. No, I haven't been watching the porn, but I did check it out. Pretty weak. Anyway, there is a skin called MMD3 that works real well with it, Something I also learned is that Winamp won't play an entire C.D.all the way through! It only plays the tracks separately so you have to install a plug-in that kind of cuts out the gap between the songs (like on Pink Floyd albums) where there normally isn't one. I found the best way around this is to choose the direct sound output, then turn on crossfade and have it set at level two. It's not entirely smooth but works good enough until Winamp pulls their head out of their asses an makes it a standard. I'm trying not to use Microsoft Media player anymore than I have to.

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