Sunday, February 01, 2004


Well the backlash started just as I knew it would. The evil ones even recruited meth addicts to join it, and that got squashed quickly. This guy was with them the next day and I was walking by, not saying anything. He says in a real smart ass like tone, "Don't harass me!" I turned around and told him to watch it. I was willing to let it die at that but they ran to the office and said I was starting things again. So later as my boss was asking me what was going on and why were people running to the office the guy who made the remark happens to walk by and was stopped. He was asked to explain his remark and he denied that he had made it. I told him he was lying. This is a guy who's been claiming to be a born again Christian a lot as of late. Anyway, after all was said and done I was told they knew he was lying and that this whole issue should be dead now and I have nothing to worry about. We will see


I dreamt that I was loosing my teeth last night and the roots were turning to black sludge. Not very nice. I also had a dream where a pimple on my chest was growing a huge tuft of hair out of it and I was trying to pull it out with pliers. Of course I had my shirt off and I was at work in front of clients when all of this was happening. All my dreams were on this level last night, just couldn't sleep well.


Just watched this show on VH1. Saw A Flock Of Seagulls play together for the first time in about twenty years. That was very cool. I'm going to have to go and buy their CDs now. Think they had two out under the original line up. They were records though back then. I'm tempted to buy a record player so that I can buy some old hard to find records and record them as mp3s.


Today begins a long week. Today being second easiest, tomorrow third and Friday being my only day off. The rest is going to be spent living at work. It's going to be ugly with the hag factor in place but I'll survive. I will try to type here every day, and I'm sure this week will produce some lovely stories. Stay tuned and wish me luck.

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