Thursday, January 15, 2004


Wow, thanks for all of the instant messages people! Got quite a few new people added to the buddy list on AOL and MSN. I also got E-mail yesterday from a very dear old friend that I went to high school and even dated back in the day. I hadn't heard from her in about four years due to her family moving and my family moving. So glad to have you back in my life Laura!


I think Josie's mom shit herself, no lie. Something is foul in her room and I don't think it's the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa, I don't think it's Karen Carpenter, and I sure as hell didn't bury any bodies in the house in true John Wayne Gacy fashion. Josie won't say anything so I guess it's burning incense until tomorrow. Miranda grabbed the little dogs kennel so that they can sleep in her room. She said they would die breathing that all night. Dog's eat their own shit, I personally don't think they care. I think someone is getting depends if this happens again.


Do you think I give a shit about Jesus? Seriously, I have made my self clear to the people at work that I do not believe their god, their messiah, or their dogma. Why do they insist on coming up to me and spouting this irrelevant bullshit. I personally could give a shit about what "god" thinks about me or even homosexuals. As a matter of fact, your messiah is a fisher of men, not hot chicks, go figure. And on a parting note, do you really believe that your Jesus would forgive you of your constant drug abuse and you insulting behavior and not over look a man who desires the love of anther man? "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," seems more reasonable. Hail yourself!

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