Saturday, January 17, 2004


It was a long day. Bought a new car as you can see. The 2004 Santa Fe by Hyundai. I had no choice or say in this matter. Anyway, I get the Elantra and that KIA can go to hell. Miranda and Brandon were excited about the new car. All I know it that it's not what I would have chosen.


I know it's been a while but I just can't sleep tonight. Josie doesn't feel well so she hasn't slept much yet. She can't understand how I can stay up so late. She still doesn't understand that this isn't a choice. Watched Gangs of New York. It was pretty good. I know it's loosely based on the era and that it kind of happened that way.


It was a weird day. Bumped into a lot of people I know all over the city. Highlight of the day was the girl at the burger place who was filling the ketchup holders. She would literally sit down to place one packet of ketchup in a holder. Honey, get well acquainted with minimum wage!

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