Sunday, January 11, 2004


I've been living at work for the past four days. Don't get me wrong, I need the money and I want a new computer so I have to force myself to stay and get hours I want a P4 with at least 80 gigs of hard drive space. Anyway, I haven't done anything exciting and nothing exciting has happened. I've been forced to eat a shit load of awesome food though! I forgot how good it is to be able to eat like that and not have to do dishes. I'm going to be gaining my weight back that I lost if I keep this up. One funny thing did happen this morning. Josie hasn't seen me for the past few days so I guess she kind of misses me. This morning she decides she wants to do it. Yeah, IT! So it starts happening, and it's the really good kind too, and then I get a fucking cramp in my leg! All this standing for the past few days has taken it's toll, were talking standing for over 13 hours a day for the past four days or so. Anyway, I know you don't care but that didn't stop anything. I needed to get laid, plain and simple.

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