Sunday, December 28, 2003

UPDATED!!! 6:00 P.M.

I updated the bottom portion of todays blog simply because I have the tenancy to ramble and leave things out. Sometimes I don't finish sentences even though I'm thinking it in my head so I added a sentence here and a word there.


The Suburbs "In Combo" is out on C.D. and I'm just about ready to shit myself! Do you know how many time I've looked for this on the internet, in record stores, and in second rate whore houses? You simply have no idea. I can't believe they finally released this on C.D. after all these years! This little gem came out in 1980 but I didn't hear of it until 1985. This is probably my favorite new wave band of all time! O-kay, maybe Gary Numan is too, and DEVO, but The Suburbs really didn't get much recognition outside of Minneapolis. CLICK HERE! to hear some clips off of the songs from the album. Tiny People, Goggles On, Cows, Black Leather Stick, Cig Machine, DD 69, Chemistry Set, Underwater Lovers, man talk about a great album full of quirky post punk! I'm too broke to buy it just yet, but I guarantee your sweet little ass I'll have this bad boy in less than a month! Yes, I'm pretty easily excited.


I added a new blog to my blog roll. It's called "The Street Satanist." Before you have a knee-jerk reaction (or leave an idiotic piece of tripe in my comments section) you should read up on what Satanism really is, or even better just don't go there if your offended by such material. Being of the Left Hand Path I'm technically about as close to being a Satanist as one can get. I've gone over why I'm not a Satanist on this blog before and if you want to know why I'm no just ask me. I want a wide variety of blogs on my blogroll and I have Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, and now Satanists. If you know nothing about Satanism other than what you've been taught by your local church or seen on talk shows then educate yourself. If you need help educating yourself don't be afraid to ask me questions. Remember, I don't believe in god nor do I believe in Satan, and don't believe in Zimmerman or even Bob Dylan (joke), and believing in a dead hippy (John Lennon, not Jesus) is simply silly.

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