Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Traffic was just off the wall crazy today! Everyone is out trying to buy last minute stuff and it's fucking ugly as hell. I'm not leaving the house until after Christmas! The worst traffic moment today was the lady parked in the middle of Broadway heading east about 500 yards away from the Broadway and Kolb intersection. She was just sitting there casually talking away on her cell phone while traffic was backed up by a good 26 cars or more in the right hand lane. I thought she was having car problems at first but I think she was just to busy talking and didn't want to be bothered. She caught up with us before the light and was speeding like a demon, still on her phone! People are fucking crazy.


O-kay only one person said anything about the layout so I guess I will keep it the same. I was toying around with the lay out because I was bored. Thanks Keith!


My mom had her back operated on today but I am not sure how it went. Will have to call her tomorrow and see. Hope everything is fine with her, wish her well!!!


I added some pictures to the PhotoBlog today of the movie theater I hung out in just about every Saturday night from age 10 till I was 18 years old. Also added an aerial photo of the elementary school I attended. I have dreams about both of those places quite frequently. Speaking of dreams, last night I dreamt that I was applying for work at Ventana Canyon and they were going to hire me as a bar tender. It was a pretty long dream that went nowhere. I was excited to be working there again though.

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