Monday, December 29, 2003


It's been a pretty dull day mostly spent in front of my computer reading. I did take Brandon to the park today  so he could ride his bike and play with other kids. While there a van full of day care kids showed up. One of them was an eight year old boy who was beyond effeminate. Someone had already cornered the market on the whole drama queen persona at a very early age. Brandon is staying at Christians house tonight so it's basically been two days without kids fighting seeing Miranda spent last night at Lakota's house. So basically I spent the day reading about everyone from Aleister Crowley and Anton Levey to Friedrich Nietzsche. So I learned that syphilis and drugs are bad, as is mental illness. I've also been listening to new wave music the entire day. I had to transfer a whole disk of 80's MP3s to a new disk because the first was spinning poorly in the CD ROM making it sound like it was either about to orgasm or take a dump. Everything is fine now.


Brandon earlier in the day made a comment about Jesus. I asked him if he knew who Jesus was. He said, "Yeah, he's that weird guy a lot of people believe in." I asked him if he believed in him. "Nah, he's too weird." Hey, don't blame me for his impression of Jesus, I don't even talk about him in this house unless someone else brings it up! I would have to agree though. Who else would impregnate his own unwed virgin mother in her teens in order to be born as a god who is also a man, and then have himself be put to death so that he could ultimately spare people from his own wrath? You don't even want to know Miranda's impressions of that religion.


Genisis - Mama
Cameo - Word Up
Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You
Altered Images - Happy Birthday
Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
Bronski Beat - Small-town Boy
J Geils Band - Love Stinks

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