Tuesday, December 09, 2003


When I got home yesterday my mother-in-law tells me I need to call Josie right away, the kids are not being let out of school. Wow, this is about and hour after they should have already been let out! I call Josie on her cell and she tells me that a bank got knocked over and the suspects are in the neighborhood of the School so it was being locked down for the kids safety, Josie was stuck as well being on campus. So Miranda was stuck inside for an hour and Brandon for almost two. Neither of them were scared so that is a good thing. Both bank robbers were caught.


Yes, I basically spent the last four days at work. Not much you can do when your scheduled for double shifts so many days in a row and really need the money. Very few moments to report over the past few days. Worked a brunch on Sunday for a bunch of old people. I saw the worse application of makeup by a human being ever. This lady must have been eighty something and had pale white makeup with bright red streaks across her cheeks. It was very clown like, almost a cruel joke upon herself. He husband was almost dead and started demanding cocktails! We were about 100 yards away from any bar and we just didn't have the capacity to run drinks all day. Other than that, I've basically been going through the paces of working, coming home and sleeping, taking a shower and starting the whole process over again. A blast, it was simply four days of working for the  man.


I don't think I have obsessive compulsive disorders of any type but yesterday I think I did something bordering on compulsive. I took my computer keyboard apart, every key and washed them, and washed the board itself where the keys rest. Talk about vile! It's truly disgusting what can work it's way between the keys of your computer keyboard in three to four years. Lot's of hair, dust, and crumbs of all sorts. Why did I do all of this? Well, seeing that it was getting hard to type without some keys sticking, and being a bit poor at the moment and not wanting to spend $14 on a generic keyboard, I decided that it would be worth trying to clean this and make it work better. Well, it does so I'll take it as an extra $14 I can keep in my pocket for now. Took almost two hours by the way.

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