Monday, December 15, 2003


Crispy fried Jesus am I glad to be home doing nothing! Well, that is a lie seeing I'm in front of a computer typing away and listening to Joe's Garage Acts I, II, and III by Frank Zappa, but it's bliss all the same. Day 2 of 3 of living at work was hell, but day 3 of 3 was worse than I could have imagined it. The other night I had finished typing my blog entry and headed to bed so that I could get a measly four hours of sleep before work started all over again. On my way to bed I had the misfortune of stepping in a puddle of warm water that I mistook as dog piss. Well, it wasn't piss, it was water from my water heater saturating the carpet. Yes, the damn thing had given up and died while making one hell of a mess in the process. I woke Josie up and started cleaning up the water. She was going to work with us on Sunday but someone needed to stay home and get things straightened out. I couldn't because it was the busiest day of the year and I would have been crucified and disowned by everyone at work. Josie elected to stay home because she didn't really want to work with us anyway and someone needed to stay home and get that damn thing replaced. Well, she impressed the hell out of me! She had that damn thing bought and installed before 10:00 a.m. that same day! Total cost? Well, it cost just under $300 for the water heater and free installation courtesy of my neighbor Jerry and my brother-in-law Luis. Do I have $300 to spend on a water heater? Fuck no!!! Anyway, back to work. It was the huge yearly Christmas brunch for the Jim Click (local car dealer) employees. The laundry department forgot to wash the white linens to be used on this particular event. After substituting Christmas colors in place of the white that had been ordered by the client, setting most of the room with red and green, the client showed up and demanded the white that had been ordered. This friends set the pace for the rest of the day. People didn't show up for work, many showed up late, some showed up even later than that, and it was a mad dash to the finish line. The only prize I won in this fabulous endeavor was that I got to carve meat all day instead of the person who was assigned to do so. That is what you get for being four hours late for work. Why is this such a treat? It's a great little job because you get to talk to the client all day and escape the doldrums of everyday banquet serving. The function was a success but I was scheduled for another function at the country club after that. We were promised we wouldn't have to do extra duties by the manager of the country club earlier in the day. That means moving tables and huge stacks of chairs. We were lied to. After 13 hours of work we then had to move tables and chairs around. Well, we brought this to the attention of senior management at the resort and they are going to take corrective action against said manager for making us do this shit after we all just put in three days of double shifts. You see, the country club associates didn't partake in any of the mayhem that weekend, knew that we all had just worked like mad dogs for three days, and chose to not help any of us and then proceeded to go home early, manager included. After work Will and I went out for a couple of beers. After two beers I was about to pass out and headed home. I took a shower and Josie said I passed out in a matter of seconds after hitting the bed. I woke up this afternoon at 12:30 p.m. and went to a meeting with our managers and senior management. It was a two hour bitch-fest for the most part. I pissed some people (fellow associates)off at the meeting but fuck them, bitter fuckers. I'll type more tomorrow about day two of three and little "very" Keri and her journey into insanity that got her escorted off of property two nights ago.

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