Friday, December 19, 2003


I'm coming down with something, feels a bit like a cold. I guess I'm due for some kind of illness. I knew I was coming down with something yesterday but Josie tried to convince me I was hung over. Wrong! I know hung over, trust me. Even though I rarely drink anything anymore I will never forget the many times I felt like my head was going to slide off of my neck and my innards were going to bubble up through my throat. So I would still put money on a cold seeing this is day two of the blahs.


I guess people are already spreading rumors and misquoting me from the other night at the employee holiday party where I won 1st place in the karaoke contest. What I said was, "Are you ready to Rock' n Roll?" Not, "Are you ready to party?" Who gives a fuck about how many drinks I had, I'm a lightweight and it takes virtually nothing to get me drunk. If I had eight beers in two hours I would be so gone that I wouldn't be able to walk! Also, who fucking won that contest? I did! Why? Because people were board stiff and I got them to participate when it was my turn, I didn't just stare blankly at that little t.v. set where they lyrics were being regurgitated up like everyone else did. I took a lifeless party up about two notches and got things going and was having a blast doing it. That does not make one drunk in my opinion.


Yes, it was my wedding anniversary two nights ago and I had to work. I went and sang for my peers instead of going home to watch t.v. with my wife who is comatose after 8:00 p.m. every night of the week. I got in trouble for this and I take full responsibility for this, I should have known better but in my defense I will say this, and have said this (how many times did I just say "this"?) to my wife. Josie falls asleep on the sofa every evening around 8:00 p.m. watching television no matter what day it is. I could be the horniest guy in the world, and who's to say I'm not, and I couldn't budge her from her death like state. What good would have it done for me to come home and watch her sleep for a few minutes then head in here so that I could be with my beloved computer? I rest my case. I've promised something nice for next year, and I know what it is already. I will tell you this though, no matter what it is it will not be good enough for her. That has always been the case on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, you name it. I gave up trying years ago so I do not feel one bit guilty about two nights ago. I had a blast!

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