Tuesday, December 16, 2003


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We all know Saddam has been caught so I  don't need to go over the details but I though I would include this picture I found over at the Jeff Rense page. I have nothing to do with this page or the views expressed there so take it for what it is. What are my views on this situation? I'm glad they caught him and I'm sure the world is a better place without this dick head being in charge of my local Denny's franchise let alone an entire country, but even if he does have any important information of any type they are only going to be able to drag it out of him with torture. I don't believe things are going to be any better over there because they found him. It makes Bush look better in the long run but I'm not a dick sucking republican so this is only going to further fuck us all in the long run. I wouldn't vote for this guy even if your were threatening to shove a watermelon up my ass. I'm glad I'm an independent and have the common sense to realize there are more than just republicans and democrats floating around this morbid little stage that we call reality. Who do I endorse at the moment? I really couldn't make a choice at the moment. I wish Jello Biafra was running for president. Jello was the lead singer for The Dead Kennedys and currently does mostly spoken word albums and some punk music. You can listen to free clips of his albums at Alternative Tentacles Records and you can also use a great resource knows as the All Music Guide to find out more about him, The Dead Kennedys, or any of your favorite bands. But as far as this whole war on Iraq goes, I'm dead set against it. I honestly don't think they are achieving anything good in the interest of the U.S but only fattening the pockets of those who already have fat mattresses. My nephew may be being sent there soon but that is what you get for joining the military. I'll quit ranting now and quietly walk on down the hall...


Kudos to John and Lisa at work this weekend!!! They saved the life of a woman who was choking to death on a piece of meat. Lisa applied the Heimlich maneuver but to no avail. The lady soon passed out and both John and Lisa carried her out to the foyer and John was then able to dig the piece of meat from her throat and clear a breathing passage. The lady resumed breathing, threw up, and was then fine. She declined medical attention when the paramedics got there, finished her dinner, and went on to dance and have a great time. True heroes in my book!


Boy, how does one describe the very lovely Very Keri? Vivacious, pretty, loony, vegetarian, activist, loony, flippant, spiritual, new-age, did I mention loony? I used to love Keri a whole bunch, but she just kind of floats off the deep end of non-reality far too often for the likes of me. Keri quit working with us about two years ago and has only been joining us on extremely huge functions like the one on Saturday night. So I had not seen hide nor hair of her in a years length. My first impression of her this year was that she was just gone, checked out, left the building, what ever. She went on and on about how she lived in Keri's psychedelic world and how happy she was all of the time. This went on for about 20 minutes, well longer actually because I was finally able to get away and I know she didn't shut up when I left. She made a fool out of herself at roll call and then started in on her spiritual views. She was talking about her views on Jesus, how she was a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, from another planet (she also told someone else that I too was from another planet, thanks Keri!) and all of this offended one of the part time guys named Mark and he threatened to take her to human resources if she didn't stop. I don't think he realized that she doesn't work for the resort but had only volunteered to work with us for the evening. She went on and on. Someone suggested that she was high as a kite. Yes, I would have to agree with this, she had to be higher than a mother fucker! She cried, she vented, she went off on the banquet captains and the manager and they had her escorted off property by security. She called my boss the devil at one point, and called the guy she offended Mr. Sideburns guy. I'm going to have to talk to Mr. Sideburns guy to see where he stands on religion because seeing that I'm an atheist I have the tenancy to jump in on nonsensical religious banter if only to mock it. Example? Well, Sunday someone was asking about my water heater going out and I went on to explain about how a lot of things have given out as of late. One of the Christian guys who I like very much said something very stupid. He said, "What kind of message do you thing god is sending you?" I said, "Well, seeing that god does not exist I would say he's sending no message, but if he did and he was responsible for all of this I would have to say god is a real asshole!" Not even a rebuttal of any sort.

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