Sunday, December 28, 2003


I'm so tired of being assaulted by bitter old hags at work. One snapped at me tonight but for no reason. I'm letting the office handle these old hags from now on, I'm finished with them. Being nice has gotten me nowhere! Fuck you, fucking bitter old fucks!!!


I'm listening to KISS "Music From The Elder" right now. Most of the critics though it was shit, as did I when it first came out. I was totally Mr. Metal Head at the time and though it was sappy. My opinion now is that it's one of the best records they ever did. I'm still Mr. Metal Head but minus the raging hormones. Anyway, KISS rocks no matter what.


Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Lucky Man
Donna Summer - I Feel Love
10CC - I'm Not In Love
Gary Wright - My Love Is Alive
Led Zeppilin - No Quarter
Head East - Never Been Any Reason
Pink Floyd - Time
Rush - Cygnus X1
Spooky Tooth - The Mirror
Steve Miller - Fly Like An Eaagle
Styx - Put Me On
Yes - I've Seen All Good People
Todd Rundgren's Utopia Freak Parade
Frank Zappa - A Token Of My Extreme

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