Friday, December 26, 2003


Three days of eating Mexican food can be both good an bad. I love Mexican food! On the other hand I have become this foul smelling individual that nobody wants to be around all of a sudden. Josie's mom finds it all very amusing though. She has learned of the power that I wield and how I can send people running. I never pushed for Mexican food three days in a row though, it's not my fault!!! I'm making fried chicken, mashed potatoes with home made gravy, and some kind of vegetable tonight for dinner. Very non-threatening colonically speaking.


Yesterday was a tad busy so today I got to put together bikes, shelves, and other assorted Christmas gifts. I said "FUCK!" at least 100 times today. Between smacking my fingers with a hammer, a wrench letting loose off of a nut and my hand slipping into sharp metal, and things generally not fitting or being poorly explained by manuals, I would have to say I faired pretty well seeing that I didn't have a mental breakdown. Did I mention the fact that kids were fighting and so forth during all of this? And Miranda, princess of the house, is being a little bitch. Brandon was nice enough to spend his own money and bought her some nice Lisa Frank stuff for Christmas and she basically told him she didn't want it. He took it back and it hurt his feelings. Brandon decided that if she didn't want it he was going to make good use of it. Well, Miranda wasn't expecting that so all of a sudden she wanted it and Brandon told her no. She started in with major attitude and I sent her to her room.  She really disappointed me today. Brandon on the other hand, who is always spastic and trying to send me over the edge impressed me when he took the present back then stood his ground when she demanded it back. I hope she learns a lesson about giving. Now Josie needs to learn a lesson about giving! Sorry...


One day of work this week. One day of work next week. How in the fuck can one pay bills this way? I'll be bitching in no time though about how busy it is so forgive my cranky ass.


Watched Jeepers Creepers II last night at Lina and José's place right after we ate more Mexican food. It was much better than I though it would be, both the food and the movie. I must say though Victor Salva's penchant for young boys really shows through in this movie. I can see one or two guys running around with no shirt on, but a whole busload of teenage boys? It was left wide open for a third installment, surprise! In the next movie I want a hotel full of hot Asian chicks to be taunted for two hours. Now that would be rad! On the other hand we had to watch The Hulk on DVD because Brandon got it for Christmas and demanded that we all watch it together. It was a bad movie when I took him to the theater to see it, and it was even worse yesterday sitting at home watching it. I liked Spiderman, but I told Brandon I wasn't watching The Hulk ever again.

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