Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Thanks to DATA JOCKY for turning me on to some totally cool music I missed out on in the late 80's. I know absolutely nothing about this band but I dig the album I'm listening to right now. Thanks man, your the coolest!!!


How broke? I have only overdrawn on my account once and that was back in 1985. Well, then and now. That's twice. Seeing how dead it's been at work and all the money I've pumped into this house, add in Thanksgiving and another mouth to feed and yes, I did it! I overlooked one bill and sent myself over the edge by $50, tack on another $25 for going over and there you have it! Let's not forget the few Christmas gifts I bought and buying Louie and Martin some beer. I'm a bona fide dumb ass. I'm blaming this one on Satan just because I'm stupid enough to do it.


The word of the week is penis. I just can't get away from penis this week no matter how I try. It shows up in my e-mail, funny video clips I've seen on the web, television, news articles, my coffee, just everywhere. I literally had to beat mine into submission for not behaving properly earlier in the week. Penis, can't live with it, can't shove it in a co-workers face. Hmmmm....


Anyone watch Queer-Eyed tonight? They were making over one of the male hosts of IMX that is on the music channel FUSE. Fuse is a million times better than MTV could ever hope to be, wake up MTV! Towards the end of the show they were showing him on on IMX showing off his new look. There was the lovely Juliya Chernetsky looking as beautiful as ever. Juliya is the hostess of Uranium and on IMX as well. She rocks, and I'm totally in lust with her. The guys on Queer-Eyed didn't care for her much. She still rocks!

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