Thursday, December 04, 2003


Is it just my perception or are most older people just laden with bitchiness? Take for example the old lady at the doctors office this morning. The office ladies were scanning insurance cards because they have a new system that allows them to do it so that they have a digital document of it, and at the same time they were verifying peoples addresses. They asked this old hag if she was still at such and such address and she says in a wicked evil witch like tone, "What do you think, I've only lived there for the past six years!" I was so tempted to tell her to calm down but the whole waiting room was filled with senior citizens, or is the politically correct term "Old Americans?" Anyhow, I didn't need to start a riot and get my self caned to death for telling some old hag to calm the fuck down. Oh, I was down a pound from six months ago, so that means I gained weight this past six months, then lost it all plus a pound. I need to lay off the carbs and start eating better, that's a given. I also need to dust off the bike and get my heart going a bit. I need to lose about fifty pounds to be totally skinny, and I do mean skinny. Thirty pounds to be where I was before I got married and all sloppy. We shall see.


Work will be busier that expected next week, which is a good thing! I'm so fucking broke it's not funny. Why? Because everything decided to break down all at the same time these past two months, fixed up a room for the mother-in-law, and I held Thanksgiving at my house, and bought too much Christmas related materials for my kids. I hate Christmas because society expects you to spend copious amounts of money on your kids. If you don't then your either a bad parent or a scrooge, or low income. Funny thing is that I'm none of these things. I'm not a Christian either, so I should be void of even giving a fuck about this whole holiday. The funniest difference between my kids and I is that I had to wait for Christmas to get cool stuff, and new clothes. My kids get cool shit and clothes all year long! The matrix has me by the balls, where the fuck is Morpheus?

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