Wednesday, December 24, 2003



I forgot about this, but this is the Christmas card I sent via e-mail last year. Have a sense of humor about it, not many people who received it did.


I have to share this even though it happened about four days ago. A small group of us were working the other night in a pairing of smaller meeting rooms. Three of us working one room and three others in the other. The rooms are connected by a pantry. While in the pantry talking to a co-worker one of the older lady co-workers passed by, goes to open the door to the room she is working in and then pauses. Out came this huge butt ripping fart! She subtly turns around and says, "Oooh, excuse me." I was shocked and said, "Yeah I guess so!!!" I've heard tails (pun) of this happening with her butt (pun) this is the first time I've been exposed to this. I was in shock as were the others sitting there. I'm glad I wasn't drinking mild because it would have shot straight out of my mouth!


I've spent about the last 24 hours or so researching electronic music pioneers from the 1940's through the 1960's and came up finding some really cool clips on the internet. Here is just a few of the people I have been reading about all day: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Robert Moog, Raymond Scott, Leon Theremin, John Cage, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Bebe & Louis Barron just to name a few. I found some clips HERE if you want to get a taste of very early experimental music. Listen to them all, even if it drives you a bit batty, it really is beautiful. I can see where groups like Nurse With Wound and Skinny Puppy get some of their influence. Symphonie pour un homme seul is a must listen! Anyway, I've learned a lot of history and it blows my mind that these people were so creative and yet our culture thrives on the vapid tripe thrown at them by the recording industry giants. I know why I'm drawn to more experimental stuff, because it's imaginative and otherworldly. Doubt me? Then go fucking jack off to Coldplay! Trust me? Then go find some Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, The Residents, Ramond Scott (yes, you've listened to him a million times and don't even realize it), or John Cage. It's not all electronic, some of it is piano or tape loops. Oh, and if your looking for some modern experimental stuff then get your hands on Dead Voices On Air, Not Breathing, or even that first Daft Punk album. I thank SeƱor Jesus de Queso every day for groups like We™, Squarepusher, Apex Twin, Autechre, Download, and Howie B.


Spooky Tooth - The Mirror
Hyperdriver - Wasted Prayers
Robert Fripp - 1988
Kraftwerk - Radio Activity
Shizuo - Punks
Laziest Men On Mars - Invasion Of The Gabber Robots
The Residents - Bach Is Dead

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