Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I just woke up a couple of minutes ago from an extremely long, bizarre, and drawn out dream so excuse me if this is a bit random or mistyped. I can't even see straight yet but thought I'd better type this out before I forget. The first part of the dream I was in Burwell Nebraska traveling to Ord Nebraska to play the golf course there. I was talking to someone, I think my brother, about the changes they had made to the course, especially the first hole tee area. This happened in reality, saw it when we went on vacation this year. Next thing I know I'm back on the road headed to Ord again to play golf. I think my dad paid in advance and it was almost like a chore I had to do. I think there was a conversation with me telling him I was only playing nine holes and nothing more. I get there and tee off. Next thing I know I'm down on the fairway and it's late at night. There seems to be an outdoor theater set up or some kind of party going on outside on the dark fairway. A cute brunette in a sun dress and denim vest picks up my ball and shows it to me. I hit the ball again and I'm on the green. The dream becomes kind of obscure at this point and I'm trying to putt but the green keeps changing into weird shapes, almost Dr. Seuss like shapes. Just one of those weird dream sequences. I was with Josie I think. At some point in the dream before this point I was going to skip playing golf and go get a chocolate shake at Dairy Queen. It was a long jumbled dream and I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight. So I played hole one and next thing I know I'm in a golf cart near hole seven with an older lady who I believe is Bea Arthur. It gets jumbled up pretty bad at this point and I'm in the backyard of someone's home. I think it's Phillis Diller's home but I'm not sure. I remember being inside by a fireplace sitting in front of it. It's in a corner and kind of round shaped. There is a lazy susan inside the fireplace with three or four tiers. On it is very rich cocktail foods like Chicken Wellington with a white sauce and some kind of German apple puff pastry. There is all kinds of rich food on this tray but can't remember what they were. Then I'm at a wooden table with about eight older ladies, some kind of high society breakfast tea party where everyone is in their pajamas. I'm cracking jokes and entertaining the masses while we eat and play cards. One of the ladies is either Bea Arthur or Phillis Diller. Dream shifts again and I'm entering the same house with some girl who is my sister (I have no sister in real life) and it seems like there is a huge party going on. We get inside and realize it's not a huge party, it's only a fan or the t.v. making this huge noise that sounds like a crowd of people, but weird noises are coming from upstairs. Upon further investigation we go up the stairs and find out it's Jeffery Tambor the actor from The Ropers t.v. sitcom (the guy with the bald head), who is my dad, dressed up in bondage attire with a woman who is tied up. I believe she  is supposed to be my mother. That part of the dream ends. I'm back at the clubhouse where the golf course is and I'm behind the counter helping myself to things. Three teenage boys who work there walk in. It's no concern to them and we're talking about the Ord football team. I'm pouring myself a Sprite or something to drink. Dream shifts again and I'm at a fast food joint that looks like a McDonnalds. It's actually a pizza place and I've ordered a Hawaiian pizza which is ham and pineapple pizza in the dream, and a pepperoni pizza. The kid who takes my order is kind of confused about the order. I'm waiting for a long time and then my order is up. The bill is $20.00 and I pay it. The guy that brings the pizza is the owner who seems to know me and thanks me for being a regular customer and presents me with one pizza. I open it up and it's the pepperoni pizza, but then I ask where the other pizza is. They look on the chit to see what I had ordered and then look to see where the second pizza is but to no avail. I then find out that I have only been charged for one medium pizza with a  $10.00 gratuity added on to it. I can feel the anger roiling inside me and heads are going to roll! This is where I woke up, walked in here, then started typing this all out. Fucking bizarre.

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