Friday, September 19, 2003


Don't know what happened but I had the most restless night full of weird dreams I can remember in a long time, all very vivid and just plain wacky! The first dream I had was me and this dwarf chick, who really wasn't a dwarf just very petite (dream dictated that she was a dwarf) were making a porn flick. She was pretty damn hot and we were just going through the motions because we were making a movie. Jesus Christ, it gets weirder. The next dream was about me working a cater out function in a wild west setting. This function I was working was for a well known local car dealer named Jim Click. Inside one of the buildings was tons of professional wrestling history paraphernalia. There were photographs and all kinds of wrestling rings dating back to the early 1900's. I was in one of the rings doing flips and jumps from the top ring rope. This car dealer and I struck up a conversation about wrestling and we were both amazed at how much each other knew about professional wrestling. We ended up becoming good friends and we did on of those "let's do lunch" kind of partings. Next dream I was up in a cabin or house in the woods with Madonna and some other girl. Madonna was all decked out in one of her naughty little outfits. Well the dream got real naughty and I ended up giving Madonna the business so to speak. The other girl was just there coaching us. It was a very raunchy dream so I'll leave it at that. I rarely have sex dreams but to have two in one night? I guess I'm not getting enough in real life or something. Madonna is a naughty girl indeed!

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