Thursday, September 11, 2003


Spent my day off at work today. I'm broke, what do you expect? I managed to knock over about 50 crates worth of minibar products first thing this morning setting the pace for the rest of the day. I basically went to work today because I was so depressed last night and it was all I could to to keep from going mad. Josie is not a new hurricane but rather my wife who is suffering the madness of PMS (hate week as I call it,) I'm broke as hell due to a shitty economy and a more than weak summer (no work, no money,) it's 9/11, and I just feel like shit. I ended up watching the movie phenomena with John Travolta last night and that didn't make me any happier either. So I worked today for a different department for a whole lot less than what I usually make and ended up working a whole hell of a lot harder than I had expected to. I was told last night that I would only be driving a cart. Today I was expected to lift, deliver, and retrieve products used in minibars at the resort. They stuck me with a guy who can't handle alcohol because of his religion so I got to do double while this idiot asked a lot of stupid questions. I won't be doing that again, trust me. One more slow week then business picks up, or that is what I'm told. So leave nice comments in the comment box because I really need cheering up! Even if you usually just read this page and never comment, please do. Trust me, I need cheering up.

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