Monday, September 29, 2003


What else can go wrong? My car that just got fixed broke down again, same problem. So I need to get the alternator fixed which should be under warrantee but I'm sure will cost me money and then we started smelling gas in the back yard. Natural Gas leak, they turned our gas off and I have to wait to talk to an engineer from the city gas company to get an estimate. So that means we are without gas for the next week or so, basically. Heating bath water by microwave should be a fun time. The guy that came here to check out the gas smell said it would cost close to $1000. Double fuck! At this point it's almost like there is a conspiracy to see if they (whoever that could be) can break Joe. What next, this is definitely one of the worst months of one of the worst years for me financially. Seriously, what next? I think at this point I'm going to basic service as far as television is concerned, and I might just have to get rid of the internet. Just can't live this way much longer if work doesn't pick up.