Thursday, September 25, 2003


I stayed home and cooked today. I made "Wendy's" chili from a recipe I found on the net. Damn I can cook. I also modified it a bit with jalapeno peppers which gave it a nice edge, but not too spicy. Four hours later it came out really good! Miranda liked it, as did Josie. Brandon had one of those ramen noodle styro cup things again. Brandon wasn't about to touch anything that is labeled "chili" because Tabasco is made with chili peppers and he knows how hot that can be. I love Tabasco by the way, but didn't use any in the chili I made today. I got Brandon to try peanut butter with pickles tonight. He loved it! I'm telling you, nothing goes better with a bowl of chile than a peanut butter sandwich and dill pickles. Miranda likes the peanut butter pickle combo as well. Josie thought we were all stark raving mad. The whole chili, pickle, and peanut butter combo came about through the Burwell Nebraska school cafeteria. They use to serve it on Wednesdays every other week when I was in elementary school. I also found some great ideas on how to make Carne Asada on the net. I'm one hell of a good cook according to Josie's brother Luis. He says I cook Mexican food better than a lot of Mexicans he knows. Cooking is just simple science. So I'm going to make some Carne Asada tacos tomorrow night. I am also surfing the net trying to find the best way to make refried beans. I also have one parting word for you. GAS! It's wicked foul, Yo!!!!

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