Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I was whistling at Josie at the grocery store to get her attention and to pester her a little at the same time. I was at the end of the isle and had been waiting for her so that is why I started whistling. All of a sudden this gorgeous blond on the next isle pops her head around and asks if I'm whistling at her. I started to giggle and told her no, that I was pestering my wife. She smiled real big and said "Oh, I thought you were trying to get MY attention." Man she was hot! I wonder what she would have said if I had told her that I was trying to get her attention.


What's up with people in traffic singing karaoke style at red lights? If you can sing I wouldn't mind, but singing songs by Chicago off key and at the top of your lungs with your windows down should be a federal offence of some type. And don't look so surprised when I look over at you because your going to get funny looks from everybody squawking out loud like that.


Six more hours at the pool today! Ye haw! And not a single person went down that damn slide (pictured below) for the first five hours. Hour six I had about ten people going down. I was yelling at adults not to run around the pool. I drank a ton of lemon aid today while reading. That was my day. Got home and Brandon is sick. I'm keeping him home tomorrow because he sounds like one of those old blues singers. Poor little guy felt so sick that he passed out around eight tonight.

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